SkinX built the proprietary technology, created a new funding ecosystem and assembled a suite of fund solutions...all to change the game for good.

SkinX is the first to invite all "everyday" Americans, non-accredited investors to invest in a fund that invests in privately held businesses. The quality of an American life is largely determined by access to opportunities and healthy communities. Well-funded businesses are essential to both. SkinX was created by entrepreneurs and innovators who see efficient, tech-enabled, full-access registered funds as the way to get more companies the capital they need to thrive, grow and benefit us all, because we all have skin in the game.

Here are just some of our skinspirational products…

The SkinX Fund is a public fund, giving everyone access to a portfolio of privately-held businesses.
Skin in the Game is a shareholder telecast where Skinvestors weigh in on businesses selected by SkinX.
The Locker is the first founder-driven, comprehensive data room and diligence system in the market.
The Resource Hub is the first national directory of local, helpful resources for all entrepreneurs.
Quin is a quantitative intelligence software for efficiently managing end-to-end fund operations.
SkinX created an ecosystem out of the white space between pop culture and venture capital, it’s pop venture.

Nicole Loftus is a serial entrepreneur and a proven disruptor.
Anna Belyaev is a brilliant technologist, creator and lead investor in SkinX.
András Teleki is a genius lawyer by trade and a fund solutions innovator at heart.
Jasmin Sethi is a Harvard PhD-economist-lawyer with a unique investment perspective.
Susan Dumont is a FINRA guru and expert in all things regulated that require strict compliance.